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Frequently Asked Questions about VNS Westchester and Home Care Services.

Insurance & Reimbursement

Insurance coverage

VNS Westchester accepts reimbursement, on an assignment basis, from a wide range of government (including Medicare and Medicaid) and private reimbursement sources (See below to access the most recent list of our accepted insurances.)  We bill the reimbursing organization directly and accept payment as per the service contract with the insurer.  No payment by our patients is required other than whatever co-payments and deductibles may be part of your insurance contract. In some cases, the deductible amount may already have been satisfied by your visit(s) to your physician.

As a patient service, immediately upon your physician’s referral for home healthcare services, our staff experts will do an insurance verification and advise you as to the exact coverage.  Upon request, we will also speak to your physician about insurance, billing and reimbursement for home healthcare services.  As a not-for-profit, community-based agency, we will never turn anyone away because of lack of ability to pay for care. 

CLICK HERE for a list of VNSW Accepted Insurances. For questions or more information, please call our Admissions Department at 914-682-1480, and select Option 1. 


“I’m writing to thank VNS Westchester and nurse Melissa Myers for saving my life. When she came to check my health, I told her I thought there was something wrong with my breathing. Before I could say Jackie Robinson, she had an ambulance at my door. My heart was filled with water, and the hospital installed a pacemaker in my chest. Now my heart is filled with gratitude and respect for your group and I will always praise VNS and Melissa.”