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VNSW Celebrates Milestones

March, 5th 2013 in Events

Over one hundred friends, fans, officials, colleagues, board members and staff attended VNSW's festive Milestones Celebration on Feb. 28th.

The reception, held in the SkyLounge at 42 in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in White Plains, marked the agency's expansion into the Bronx, Dutchess and Rockland counties; the agency's new name and branding, and the relaunch of its Web site.  Speaking of VNSW's dedication to bringing the best care home to its patients, Lou Nemnom, VNSW president and CEO, remarked, ​"Our dream is that at the end of the day our patients are better, healing and doing things they couldn't do before." He added that VNSW strives to create an environment where employees are happy and content to come to work each day, and that feeling spills over into the way VNSW cares for its patients. For more photos of the reception, please visit our Facebook page. 

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