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Did you Know That Remote Patient Monitoring Reduces Hospital Readmissions?

April, 27th 2023 in Industry News & Commentary



Did you Know that Remote Patient Monitoring Reduces Hospital Readmissions? 


Studies have shown that nearly 17% of patients discharged from the hospital are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. Remote patient monitoring available in the VNSW Virutal Health Program can identify changes in a patient's health status and initiate communication with the patient and their physician, with the goal of avoiding complications and preventing hospital readmissions, all while the patient remains in the comfort of their home. 

VNSW Virtual Health visits are made via video connection with a patient. Our team teaches patients how to use a tabletop monitor for video contact and devices for recording and transmitting critical information such as weight, blood pressure, and oxygen level. By monitoring a patient's vital signs daily, our Virtual Health Nurse can identify any irregularities that may require follow up attention. Education is provided about medication compliance and disease management. Detailed reports are shared with the patient's physician to aid in formulating an optimal plan of care.

Learn more about how VNS Westchester can help bring the best care home by visiting us online at or calling us at (914) 682-1480. 

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