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VNSW at Home Interviews Nursing Student Christopher Marte

February, 8th 2022 in Press Releases


VNSW at Home – What was your experience like working as a nursing student for VNSW at Home?

Christopher - I began working for VNSW so that I can have some side money during nursing school. Having the ability to choose my schedule on a weekly basis, is so beneficial. I have an abundance of time to study and have a social life while in nursing school. VNSW really made me love nursing, and see it in a whole different way.

VNSW at Home - What has been your favorite part so far?

Christopher - My favorite part of working for VNSW is that I am able to strengthen the way I speak towards patients. New grad nurses are very shy once they start working and don't really have a lot of patient care experience. VNSW has prepared me in such a great way, and I feel so confident in talking and assisting patients.

VNSW at Home - What has been the most challenging part?

Christopher - The most challenging part for me is that I become so invested in my patients' lives and create a bond with them. The bonds that I have formed have sometimes made me forget that this is a job and that these are patients. However, I know that my experience is going to make me an exceptional nurse once I graduate.

VNSW at Home - If you could speak to other students would you recommend the Home Care venue as a good place to gain experience?

Christopher – YES, YES, YES! You are not exposed to a cutthroat environment like a staff job. Going into a staff job without getting vital experience such as being an HHA is like going in blind. As an HHA, you are individualizing care to a patient in the comfort of their own home with no one critiquing or someone judging you. This experience is preparing me so that I may be comfortable and competent in patient care, and to become the best nurse possible. 

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