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VNS Westchester is a home care services provider for Westchester, Bronx, Dutchess, Putnam & Rockalnd counties.

Dysphagia Care

We help restore your confidence and comfort

Dysphagia – or difficulty or discomfort with chewing or swallowing – affects more than 40 percent of geriatric patients. Our goal is to ensure patient safety and to enable patients to function at the highest possible level.

VNS Westchester provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach for our dysphagia patients. After evaluating their swallowing ability, we introduce techniques to improve swallow strength. We also recommend proper positioning and diet consistencies to aid swallowing, and monitor the patient’s nutrition, hydration, safety and comfort. An integral part of our care is educating patients and their caregivers in providing a structured and safe home environment. Through these interventions, we reduce swallowing discomfort and the risk of aspiration.


Often there are speech problems associated with swallowing difficulty. Our program can include speech pathology rehabilitation services provided by our certified speech therapists. This involves helping patients to coordinate their speech and swallowing, to do breathing exercises and generally increase their endurance.