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VNS Westchester is a home care services provider for Westchester, Bronx, Dutchess, Putnam & Rockalnd counties.

TeleHealth Remote Monitoring

We keep a close watch on your vital signs

With TeleHealth remote patient monitoring, we can monitor a patient’s vital signs daily and spot irregularities that may require follow-up medical attention. The use of TeleHealth monitoring is an important step in preventing re-hospitalizations, particularly for patients with cardiac diseases and other chronic conditions.

We teach patients to use a desktop TeleHealth monitor, a modem-like device that records and transmits a patient’s vital signs– such as weight, blood pressure and oxygen level–from their home to our office. Our certified TeleHealth nurse analyzes the findings and works with the patient to reinforce positive behaviors or reverse those that have a negative impact on patient health. She also sends trend reports to your doctor on a regular basis to inform their treatment decisions.

The device also is an educational tool. It prompts patients to describe their symptoms, and offers suggestions to encourage healthy practices, increasing their knowledge and involvement with their own care. Easy to install and use, TeleHealth gives patients and caregivers the peace of mind that comes with regular monitoring.