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VNS Westchester is a home care services provider for Westchester, Bronx, Dutchess, Putnam & Rockalnd counties.

Mental Health Care

We treat the whole person

The largest provider of mental health home care in Westchester and surrounding counties, VNS Westchester helps individuals coping with mental illness to thrive in the home setting.  Our integrated care program considers the needs of the whole person, and is tailored to serve children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Led by registered nurses with advanced psychiatric training, we offer an approach that combines treatment for both mental and physical conditions, including patients who are acutely ill with co-occurring mental health diagnoses or who are persistently mentally ill with one or more medical conditions.  To make sure all health care needs are met, we provide a range of services, including specialty nursing, social work, rehabilitation services and home health aides.

Our treatment team works closely with patients, their families and healthcare providers to coordinate care. Mental health nurses provide supportive therapy and monitor medication compliance and effectiveness. We motivate patients to keep their outpatient appointments, and help them find practitioners or other community resources to help them stay healthy at home.